10 of the most inspiring gaming heroines

10 inspiring gaming heroines tracer

It’s International Women’s Day, a day of celebrating amazing women and their achievements. We’re joining in the festivities by remembering the feats of some of the most inspirational heroines in video games. Watch out for possible spoilers ahead!

Which of these heroines is your favourite?


Seen in: The Last of Us

However you look at it, Ellie had a really rough time in The Last of Us. After losing multiple allies to the zombie infection, including her best friend, it’s no surprise that she became withdrawn and a bit sulky.

Her growing bond with Joel is an absolute joy to watch, however, and over the course of their difficult journey, Ellie becomes a capable and resourceful survivor who saves Joel’s neck on a number of occasions.


Seen in: Final Fantasy X

To begin with, Yuna was best known as the daughter of High Summoner Braska, but she quickly made a name for herself as a talented Summoner in her own right.

Able to both heal her companions and summon gigantic Aeons to aid her in battle, Yuna is not to be trifled with in a fight. And though she sometimes struggles with the responsibilities of her job as Summoner, she’s always ready to risk everything to save those around her.

Lara Croft

Seen in: Tomb Raider

One of the most enduring video game heroines yet, Lara is strong, resourceful, and far braver than we could ever hope to be.

Her journey from young and uncertain archaeology graduate to fierce globetrotting adventurer capable of surviving impossible odds is simply amazing to watch. And we’ve got to take our hats off to her for the creative uses she finds for those climbing axes…


Functioning as a consistent moral compass isn’t easy, particularly in a world as brutal as that of The Walking Dead.

Starting out as a kind and polite girl desperate to protect the people she loves, Clem matures through the course of her difficult journey and becomes much more independent and assured. But despite everything, she’s still a lovely person and we just want her to be happy.

Meryl Silverburgh

Seen in: Metal Gear Solid

Already a capable soldier even before becoming commander of Rat Patrol Team 01, Meryl is a physically strong fighter with a particular talent for arm-wrestling and wielding handguns. With her feisty demeanour and serious talents in battle, we’d be more than happy to have Meryl on our side.

Claire Redfield

Seen in: Resident Evil 2

Claire was only in Raccoon City to look for her brother, and she certainly wasn’t expecting to get caught up in the zombie apocalypse. She handled it much better than we would have in her situation, though, and her skills at hand-to-hand combat and firearms made her a major force to be reckoned with.


Seen in: Metro

Where would Artyom be without his wife Anna? She’s the Rangers’ very best sniper and extremely brave to boot, and holds the distinction of being the first playable female character in the Metro series, as she’s the main character in one chapter of the Chronicles DLC pack, and she becomes one of Artyom’s most important allies as they search for a new life in Metro Exodus.


Seen in: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning’s love for her sister Serah is her driving force, and over the course of her journey it sees her transform from a cold and inwardly vulnerable individual to a fearsome (and increasingly witty) warrior.

Though she can be a little overprotective at times, there’s no denying that Lightning will stop at nothing to protect the people she cares about most.


Also known as the Eagle-Bearer or the West Wind, Kassandra is a highly skilled warrior and mercenary. Armed with supernatural powers thanks to the Spear of Leonidas, she’s a complete force of nature and definitely one that we’d prefer to be on our side in a fight.

While Kassandra may be a little bit impetuous on occasion, she has an adorable soft spot for children and won’t hesitate to risk everything for what she believes is right, even when that puts her in danger.


Seen in: Overwatch

London girl Tracer’s time-bending abilities come in seriously handy, and we wish we knew her secret. Able to bound back in time to restore her health, ammo, and location when things go wrong, she’s a formidable opponent in battle. Fortunately, she’s also an irrepressible force for good.